Firenza Mobili, Luxury Interior Design & Furniture.

Firenza Mobili, Luxury Interior Design & Furniture studio was formed in 2016 and since then it has grown into a world leading interior design studio specialising in luxury residential property at the highest level for developers and private clients throughout the south of Spain and abroad. 

Offering a highly personalised bespoke service, we place great importance and commitment to building strong client relationships, tailoring our process to meet each client’s needs, delivering a full interior architecture, furniture design and turn-key styling service from concept through to completion. Our projects combine a detail driven meticulous approach with a signature elegant and luxurious style.

Our current projects take us to the most extraordinary parts of the world where we leave our Firenza Mobili signature, "The Renaissance of Contemporary Design".


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Firenza Mobili, "The renaissance of Contemporary".


Created for the more discerning client, Firenza is delighted to present a collection of enchanting furniture and accessories originating from the classical Italian genre that have been beautifully enhanced and updated for the modern day home.

Firenza furniture is not only functional; it is so much more than that; each piece can be viewed as a contemporary piece of art, creating a home led with beauty and style.

Furniture like everything else in our lives is constantly evolving as we become more sophisticated and discerning in our tastes. At Firenza we have let our passion for furniture inspire us to create beautiful pieces that will fit in the modern home that inspire us and that we are constantly working towards.

Each product is a new, a contemporary piece of art that we develop with constancy, skill and commitment.

“Firenza transforms the all time classics into contemporary pieces of art. Style that is timeless”

The basis of our furniture design is inspired by the concept of the Renaissance period; a rebirth and awakening to order, simplicity and symmetry creating the most beautiful, sophisticated pieces of furniture with immaculate lines and luxurious materials. Style that endures.